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The Locomotive Log 2021 Edition
The Locomotive Log 2021 Edition
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    This publication is not associated or affiliated with, sponsored or endorsed by any of the railroads mentioned in this publication. The information presented does not reflect official rosters and is for hobby and entertainment purposes only. The accuracy of the information may change at any time and will change as railroads add, change, retire, or otherwise dispose of locomotives and rolling stock.
    Railroad property, including, but not limited to tracks, yards, bridges, and buildings is private property of the railways. The editor and publisher of this publication does not encourage or condone trespassing or any other transgressions of the law or violations of railroad company policies. 
    Please exercise the utmost care concerning the safety of yourself and others whenever observing trains. Always obey posted warning signs and signals. It is not worth endangering yourself or others to spot any locomotive or rolling stock.

The 2021 Edition is now available on Amazon!

The Locomotive Log: 2021 Edition is back for a second year. The Loco Log is an analog throwback for the digital age. Inspired by the ABC guides that were popular with British railfans in the mid-20th century, The Locomotive Log is an easy and entertaining way to record sightings of locomotives belonging to most major North American railroads, including Amtrak and Class I railroads BNSF, CSX, Canadian National, Canadian Pacific, Kansas City Southern, Norfolk Southern, and Union Pacific, by using an extensive checklist of motive power. Are you a railfan who no longer has the means or patience to view trains in person? The Locomotive Log is ideal for virtual railfans seeking a way to enhance their enjoyment of railcam viewing. Virtual railfans don’t need to wait outside for hours but can easily “collect” the locomotives of their favorite railroads using The Locomotive Log while sitting on a couch.

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